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Mackenzie Joan Pet Styling Salon wants to support people bringing in their pets for regular grooming. That's why we have a discounted rate for clients who bring in their pets more often. 


Cat Nail Trim: $15

Cat Bath and Brush: $56.50

Partial Shave: $33.90

Full Shave (Lion Cut): $67.80 

Dogs- Touch Ups

Nail Trim: $10

Face Trim: $15

Paw Trim: $15

De-skunking: $25 (additional charge with groom)

Flea bath: $25 (additional charge with groom)

De-matting: $20 charge for every 30 minutes of extra work

Extra Grooming sessions for dogs that need grooms to be broken up is $25 for 1 hour or less appointments and $35 for more than an hour. These prices are per extra appointment.

*For any appointment cancellations, please notify us a minimum of 24 hours before your booked appointment. Any cancellations (or failure to show up) less than 24 hours notice may be subjected to a fee of 50% of your booked appointment.*

This is an approximate price list. Prices may vary depending on the condition of pet.